Typing Fast with accuracy

Sunil Poudel
3 min readOct 18, 2022


Why this blog?

sometimes having a lot of resources to get started with could be so much overwhelming that we get stuck on where to start. I’m writing this blog to help with the dilemma that I faced as I was starting out which I reckon you might have stumbled upon while you were trying to start.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing some tips and resources to get you started with the journey of being an excellent typist.

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Let's get started

Being able to type with your hands without having to look at the keyboard is still a wish for many of us.

why typing fast?

Typing fast (with accuracy) is a skill that can make a difference in your field of work.

Having a busy schedule shall not be an excuse to deprive yourself of learning to type fast with great accuracy.

Starting could be hard but once you get into the rhythm there is no going back.

Remember this, you may feel demotivated (so does everyone) on this journey but nevertheless, the outcome will be beautiful. as it said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.

also, “Trust the Process.

Building a muscle memory to type fast usually takes a few weeks of practice.

Muscle memory is a neurological process that allows you to remember certain motor skills and perform them without conscious effort. Skill retention from muscle memory can potentially last forever, barring any neurological or physical ailments.

(src: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/what-is-muscle-memory)

Once you build a good muscle memory thereafter all your efforts result in typing fast. so, first, focus on establishing good muscle memory.

Typing fast is something that cannot be achieved overnight but takes time, effort, and dedication. Nevertheless, “ Consistency is the key.

Practicing 4–5 hours for a day, and not getting back to it until next week is a bad practice that you should be aware of. Rather a consistent effort of 5 to 30 minutes on daily basis could give terrific results. so, Go Small, the key is overtime as success is built sequentially.

“A geometric progression is like a long, long train- it starts out too slow to notice until it moves too fast to stop”

-Gary Keller (from “The ONE Thing”).


I suggest you follow the resources in sequential order until you get your basic right thereafter you can choose any of them.

  1. Typing Club:

first of all, make an account by clicking the login portal on the right top corner to save your progress over time. then get started with your typing journey.

Always try to keep your speed above the requirements of the exercise indicated after completion of the exercise and an accuracy of 90%+ with not less than 4 stars even if it requires multiple attempts.

once you get your basics [Alphabets(capital & small) and Numbers] done. you may head over to the other resources as your wish.

2. Keybr:

On this website, you can improve your typing speed.

3. Typer:

on this website, you can improve your accuracy and compete with other fellow mates.

4. Monkey type:

To get familiar with real-life scenarios, you can type on this website with punctuation enabled and improve over it.

5. Typing.com

follow this link, to practice Numpad Keys.

6. Typing-guru

follow this link, to get started with Nepali typing.

7. 10fastfingers

once you feel that you’re ready head over to this website to take part in Typing competitions.

Thank you for making it to the end!

Happy reading!

Have a nice day!

My Profile (If you’re interested):

Typing Club: (I did my basics on this site but haven’t returned there for a while now)

keybr: https://www.keybr.com/profile/z46kxw2

Monkey type: https://monkeytype.com/profile/khosta